Company - Construction Vincent et Dussault
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Trust relationships that stand the test of time

Founded in 1987 by Claude Vincent, the company changed its name to Vincent et Dussault in 1997—year when Mr. Vincent handed over the reins to his partner, Robert Dussault. From its very beginnings, the company has fostered a system of values based on transparency, integrity and attention to detail. The client shapes the very heart of our priorities and personalized services are at the core of our business.

Our work proudly features the highest levels of quality which translate into buildings that age brilliantly—the Vincent et Dussaut brand signature. Our multidisciplinary team keeps atop market changes in order to stay in tune with new technologies and industry standards.

Located on the North and South Shores of Montreal, our team has breathed life into hundreds of commercial, industrial and institutional construction projects over the past 30 years. It is with great pride that we welcome our loyal clients again and again as they entrust us with new projects—thus speaking to our high reputation based on immaculate services and quality that goes beyond all expectations.

A dedicated team decades in the making

Our company now benefits from the expertise of fifteen skilled employees that are dedicated to the success of our projects. Here is a look at our project management team.


Engineering graduate from École polytechnique de Montréal, our president showcases over 28 years of experience in the field of commercial and industrial construction. His main professional goal is to ensure the complete satisfaction of our clients as well as the success of all projects.

Robert Dussault


As a building assessment technician, David Cousineau takes on the role of assessor for Construction Vincent et Dussault. He joined the team in 2003 following a three-year period as assessor in the field of electricity and structured wiring. His tremendous efforts to understand our clients' needs pair with a strong desire to offer impeccable customer service.

David Cousineau


Ingénieur diplômé en génie de la construction de l’École de Technologies Supérieures de Montréal en 2015, Jonathan s’est joint à l’équipe en 2018 en apportant un dynamisme à l’entreprise poussé par sa passion pour le domaine de la construction. Expérimenté, consciencieux et précis, il assure par son savoir-faire une qualité supérieure pour nos projets de construction.

Jonathan Samson

Project Manager

Ingénieur en construction diplômé de l’École de Technologies Supérieures en 2015. Après un passage de 6 ans dans la construction commerciale, Marc-André rejoint l’équipe de Vincent et Dussault en 2021. Calme et organisé, il utilise ces atouts pour assurer une gestion efficace et structurée dans chaque réalisation de l’entreprise. Son expérience sur le terrain s’arrime parfaitement avec la satisfaction du client et la réussite des projets.

Marc-André Major


Technologue en estimation et évaluation du bâtiment, c’est avec plus de vingt ans d’expérience dans le domaine de la construction que Cédric s’est joint à l’équipe de Vincent et dussault en 2021. Son expertise sur les chantiers lui permet d’avoir un jugement efficace sur chaque projet de ses clients. Passionné par son travail et soucieux de donner un service de qualité, il assure un travail digne de confiance pour l’accomplissement de nos projets.

Cédric Hétu