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Commercial and industrial

Commercial, industrial and institutional construction: the advantage of personalized support.

Our reputation of quality and excellence often precedes the first contact with our clients. With a highly revered reputation growing through word of mouth and from one project to the next, our efforts to assist and support clients every step of the way has given rise to projects featuring undisputed quality.

Whether for schools, plants, warehouses or retail stores, we have mastered the art of pinpointing your needs and those of the people that will be using your building. This enables us to create perfectly adapted environments. Our team also offers cutting-edge expertise specialized in car dealership constructions, as reflected by our many achievements in this industry.

Ongoing development of construction expertise over the years

In addition to the hundreds of successful projects under our belt, our teams are dedicated to keeping abreast of the best techniques and latest innovations in terms of commercial, industrial and institutional construction. This commitment translates into buildings that age beautifully. It is our guarantee that Vincent et Dussault constructions stand the test of time!

What are the main steps of our support services?

  • Understanding of corporate needs, reality and processes
  • Problem analysis for building construction or restoration projects
  • Cost analysis for projects and budget establishment
  • Agreement on the proper project management approach for the client
  • Field work if necessary
  • Assistance to secure financing
  • Drafting of construction plans and paperwork
  • Management of building permit requests
  • Call for tenders from specialized contractors
  • Analysis of tenders received with the client
  • Contract awarding
  • Operational planning (temporary and permanent work)
  • Coordination of construction work
  • Billing management
  • Schedule management
  • Complete interior and exterior layout planning
  • Pre-delivery inspection and handing over of keys
  • Post-purchase service

These steps can be carried out in full or in part, according to your needs. If you wish, we can also work in collaboration with professionals of your choosing.

Contact our experts

To discover our impressive commercial, industrial and institutional construction achievements in the Greater Montreal area, have a look at our portfolio. As each project is unique, contact us to discuss the details of your project.